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Forgotten about your upcoming bills? Ask Google Now when they’re due

Google Now’s magical abilities have received one more boost in the form of its newfound capacity to answer queries about your bills. This lets you ask specific questions about your bills, and quickly receive a short summary of upcoming and past ones.

Google Now which of course, is infused into the Google Search app, received another related feature this May. That addition enabled it to sift through your emails and search for any bills to display cards on upcoming payments in your Now feeds.

Google Now

The new release is an extension of this service. It allows you to use the ‘Okay Google’ voice prompt and issue commands like ‘Show me my bills’ or ‘My bills due this week.’ The app then immediately looks into your Gmail, and grabs all the relevant information for you to look at.

Google Now is kind of a personal assistant which provides you with useful information every now and then, whether you ask for it or not. Available in the Google Search apps for Android and iOS, this service is constantly blessed with truly surprising features by its developers.

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It was only last month that a flight price monitor was introduced to it. This trait keeps track of the flight information you search for on Google, and notifies you when there’s a drop in the price of a particular seat. Moreover, this app is even capable to letting you know where you parked your car, in case your forget it.

The new bills feature on Google Now is working currently on both Android and iOS versions of the service.