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FoneMonitor Review: A nifty little tool for tracking any Android or iOS device


Kids are demanding phones at very early ages these days. If you’re one of those parents who has given their child a phone, you must know the dread one feels when they don’t answer your calls. At such times, you wish you would be able to know where they are or who they are hanging out with. Well as the saying goes, ‘There’s an app for that!’ FoneMonitor is the most complete tool to remotely monitor phone activities on any Android or iOS device.

This program allows you to be completely relaxed when your child is outdoors. That’s because, you can track not just their location but also their messages, photos, videos, social media accounts, call logs and much more. And on top of that, FoneMonitor has also been equipped with lots of excellent little features that make your parenting life easier. This software can also be used by employers who wish to monitor what their employees are doing with their work device.

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The basic concept of how to track a phone using this tool is simple. You need to first install this program’s app on a target device, and then just open up the FoneMonitor website on your phone or your PC to get a complete overview of everything that’s happening on the target device. The data is shown on a neat dashboard that’s aimed at providing easy access to anything you wish to view on the target phone.

FoneMonitor Dashboard

The process of getting the software ready is different for Android and iOS. What’s common for both is that you first need to make a FoneMonitor account by registering with your email. If the target device runs Android, you will need to visit fonemonitor.net on its browser. From here, you can download the APK file. Make sure to enable the installation of apps from ‘Unknown Sources’ in your Settings menu, which will allow you to get the app running.

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Once you open it up, it will ask for all the requisite permissions, after which you will have the choice of either keeping the app’s icon in the app drawer or not having it anywhere on the phone. This is a very important feature as it allows you to monitor phone activity without even letting the user know. This makes it a very useful spy phone app.

FoneMonitor does not have an iOS app, so you’ll need to set up the software using the target iPhone’s browser. After making an account, you will be prompted to verify your iCloud account. Before this, do ensure that the target device has iCloud backup and syncing enabled. Once the verification process is over, you can start tracking the device remotely.

FoneMonitor Android App

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It’s astounding how many things FoneMonitor allows you track using its dashboard. Its main page is reserved for giving you a summary of the phone’s status, so it shows its current location in a neat little box, while it also lists the last call and the last message. Statistics like ‘Recent 5 most calling contacts’ and ‘Recent 5 most messaging contacts’ are also listed here.

In the menu on the left, you can find individual options for viewing call logs, messages, contacts, photos, calendar and more. A feature exclusive to Android phones is called GeoFences and it allows you to get an alert when the target phone enters a particular location. This is a pretty handy tool for making sure your kids do not go to places they are prohibited from entering.

A section on the main menu is also dedicated to browser history, while another one is meant for keyword alerts. And then there’s the Social Apps section which allows you to keep track of the social media activity on the target device. This means you can see their WhatsApp chats, as well as what they are doing on Facebook, Instagram and a host of other social apps.

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FoneMonitor GeoFences

For parents whose kids spend too much time on their phones, the Schedule Restriction feature really comes in handy. It allows you to set a time during which the target phone will be completely inaccessible.

This is the kind of spy phone power that FoneMonitor puts in your hands. It’s no doubt something that will help you relax as a parent or an employer, knowing that the phone activity of their kids or employees is being tracked all the time. You can check out its trial version for free, but we’d recommend you go for the paid plans in order to get complete access to all its features.

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On Android, the packages are divided into two tiers – Premium and Ultimate. The former offers all the essential features, but leaves out Social Apps and a few other traits. Premium plans cost $29.99 per month, $39.99 for three months and $89.99 for a year. As for Ultimate plans, they are priced at $39.99 per month, $49.99 for three months and $99.99 for a year. iOS users can just purchase the $39.99 per month plan for now.

FoneMonitor is also running a quiz and everyone who finishes it has a chance to get win a GoPro camera.

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