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Flipkart will shut down its website to go app-only this September

By this September, the only way you’ll be able to access Flipkart’s massive database of products will be through its smartphone apps. This move towards an app-only existence has been in the pipeline since quite a long time, but it seems the company has finally managed to lay the groundwork and is ready for the shift.

Although it seems like a ridiculous move, the numbers speak otherwise and it’s these numbers that have of course compelled the e-retailer to take the big step. Apparently, around 75 percent of the portal’s entire traffic comes from mobile devices.

It is almost certain that some revenue will be lost during the shift towards its app-only presence, but Flipkart is expected to even that out by holding sales and awareness campaigns during the period. It would want the transition to be successfully completed by the time the Diwali shopping season arrives.


This official word about the company’s plans to go app-only in September has come from none other than its CEO, Punit Soni. While speaking at a staff meeting in Bangalore, he revealed this information to employees, according to sources in the know of The Times of India.

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Recently, Flipkart-owned Myntra shut down its website in favor of an app-only presence as well. This supposedly led to a 10-percent decrease in sales which was quite expected. Flipkart probably used this as an opportunity to learn the market reaction in order to better cope with the friction that’s expected when its own portal goes through the same transition.

There’s no particular date in September that has come to the fore yet, but it’s indeed certain now that the days of the Flipkart website are numbered.