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Flipkart sale offering big discounts on iPhone X, iPhone 8, Pixel 2

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Flipkart’s launched its Mobiles Bonanza sale, offering big discounts and extra-value exchange deals on a wide range of smartphones. It’s also kicked off a special Laptop Bonanza sale. Both are set to be live up until March 15 and are offering a 5% discount to SBI credit card customers. The minimum cart value is Rs 4999 and the maximum discount is Rs 1250.

Both the 64GB iPhone X and 64GB iPhone 8 have gotten Rs 9001 cheaper down to Rs 79999 and Rs 54999, respectively. There’s an exchange offer worth Rs 18000 included as well. The 64GB iPhone 8 Plus has dropped down by a smaller Rs 8001 to Rs 64999.

Over on the Android side of things, Google’s flagship 64GB Pixel 2 has received a Rs 13001 cut to sell at Rs 47999. Anyone who owns a Citibank card gets an extra Rs 8000 off, further driving down the price to Rs 39999. Plus, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL buyers can snap up the Chromecast 2 for just Rs 1499.

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The 64GB Pixel 2 XL grabs hold of an even larger Rs 18001 fall down to Rs 54999. Even the Citibank offer increases to Rs 10000, resulting in a net Rs 44999 cost. Flipkart is also promoting a huge discount on the Galaxy S7 which has decreased from Rs 46000 to Rs 22990, a Rs 23010 difference.

That’s not a bad deal for a 2-year-old flagship, even if doesn’t have the appeal of a bezel-less Infinity Display like the Galaxy S8. Speaking of, Samsung’s 1-year-old flagship is available at a Rs 4000 markdown for Rs 53900.

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