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Flipkart offering Rs 19001 discount on iPhone X

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Flipkart is hosting an Apple Week sale, offering big discounts on iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Watches till April 9. The e-commerce site has partnered up with ICICI to offer up to Rs 10000 cashback on EMI transactions done with the bank’s credit cards.

Starting things off with the 64GB iPhone X, the device has gotten a straight Rs 9001 cut from Rs 89000 to Rs 79999. Combined with the Rs 10000 ICICI cashback, you could grab it at just Rs 69999. There’s also an exchange offer of up to Rs 16000 on hand, making the phone even more within your reach.

If you’d prefer the 256GB iPhone X, that particular variant has gotten a Rs 7001 markdown from Rs 102000 to Rs 94999. The same Rs 10000 ICICI cashback deal applies here as well, as does the Rs 16000 exchange scheme.

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Moving on to the 64GB iPhone 8, the handset has also gotten Rs 9001 cheaper and is now selling at Rs 54999. The cashback amount drops down to Rs 8000 for ICICI credit card customers here. As for the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus, the phone is Rs 9001 lighter too at Rs 63999.

Looking to Apple’s older flagships, the 32GB iPhone 7 benefits from a Rs 7001 drop to Rs 41999 and a Rs 4000 ICICI cashback. The 32GB iPhone 6S is even cheaper at Rs 32999, a Rs 7001 fall which is accompanied by a Rs 3000 cashback offer from ICICI. The 32GB iPhone SE is at the bottom of the barrel, selling at Rs 18999 after a Rs 7001 price cut.

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