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Best Flight Tracker Apps for iPhone

Best Flight Tracker Apps

You don’t need to be a wanderlust to know why a best flight tracker apps list for iPhone is well-suited for frequent air travelers now do you. Whether you’re someone who gets nightmares about missing your flight or just love the idea of ‘jet-set-and-go,’ traveling by a plane does require much attention to detail. And it’s not just about getting to the airport on time or checking for flight status. At least we don’t fancy wasting precious time at the airport frantically searching for last minute flight information details. With a flight tracker app in hand, you can stay updated about the arrival and departure of planes in just a simple click. Bitten by the travel bug often or simply going to pick a relative at the airport, the below flight tracker apps roster for iPhone will be useful.

– FlightTrack Pro:

FlightTrack Pro iPhone

One of the choicest flight tracker apps for iPhone, FlightTrack Pro has many enhanced features rooting for it. Capable of importing flight data automatically, irrespective of the airline, the application offers email confirmations and push alerts complete with changes in real-time to the flight. The included maps are zoomable besides looking good and working offline as well.

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You have the option of automatically syncing itineraries with TripIt and your phone’s calendar. The app further lets you share your flight status through Facebook or Twitter while lending a helping hand to multitasking for iOS 4 users. In addition to all of this, a simple tap on the application provides alternate flight options too.

Price: $9.99

– TravelTracker Pro:

TravelTracker Pro iPhone

TravelTracker Pro is a must-have for business travelers. Why? Well, there’s much this application has on offer besides letting you organize your complete travel itinerary in no time. The software backs up all important trip information to conveniently display it on the itinerary screen. The highlight of this app is its live flight status by FlightStats that auto-updates the current status of every flight. There’s also live map tracking for flights within the U.S.

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You can further have the app integrated with your TripIt data. The intuitive interface together with the app’s ability to store frequently flown flights is another high spot. Besides, with this application, you can record travel expenses, get currency exchange rates and weather conditions of locations too.

Price: $9.99

– iFly Pro:

iFly Pro iPhone

Giving you all the dope you need on an airport along with an in-flight guide, iFly Pro includes the status of nearly a thousand global flights and more. You will also be updated about a delay or cancellation in flight via this app. What’s more, the app gives you an opportunity to be an informed traveler with features like terminal, gate, baggage claim and pilot’s log. With iFly Pro on your iPhone, you can also effortlessly find out essential details like what restaurants are at your terminal, how to get there, availability of Wi-Fi connection and transport options. It’s in our flight tracker apps lineup for iPhone also thanks to its easy usability.

Price: $6.99

FlightAware Flight Tracker:

FlightAware Flight Tracker

Unlike most applications for the iPhone, the FlightAware Flight Tracker app does not bug you with a confusing interface. It’s simple and includes just what a frequent flier needs when in a hurry. The application with its live flight tracking ability lets you keep a tab on the flight status and also track on map any commercial flight across the world. If you live anywhere in United States and Canada, you should also be able to follow aviation information in general.

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Complete with push notifications for flight departure and arrival information, you can rummage around the app for aircraft route, flight number, airport code, airline and other such essentials. Looking up airport activity, weather overlay and gate changes are some other features of this application.

Price: Free

– Flight Status Pro:

Flight Status Pro

Fashioned to keep in mind the needs of wanderlusts, Flight Status Pro features a user-friendly interface along with a truckload of clever functions. The inbuilt flight tracking ability of this application is robust and lets you check for flight status of airlines nearly a year in advance. You can search the application by flight number, route and airport while also being able to look at maps for all flights across the globe.

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If you’re among the handful that care about details, the application’s information on services like car rentals, parking space, transportation and gas stations will surely impress. An added perk is the program’s competence at memorizing airports and airlines that you may have recently used. The application is available in multiple languages.

Price: $9.99

While no application is perfect, you can rest assured that picking the above flight tracker apps list for iPhone will take care of most air travel needs. Is there any other application that you swear by and we’ve missed out? Don’t forget to drop in a line or two below, telling us what you really love about the application.