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Flashr LED notifications case for iPhone 4S and 4 introduced

Flashr LED Notifications Case

The Flashr LED notifications case meant for the iPhone 4S and 4, illuminates every time the smartphone receives a text, call or even push notifications. This concept case is currently waiting for people to back the project and is listed on Kickstarter. When we last checked, it had managed to collect funds worth $11,320.

The cover lights up the moment the smartphone receives a push notification, message or call, regardless of how it’s placed. It works with emails and illuminates for notifications from various games and applications like Twitter, Facebook and more.

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Flashr takes advantage of the LED camera flash and users are required to enable the built-in LED Flash Alerts feature of iOS, through Accessibility settings. The protective casing in question has been fitted with a reflective plate constructed from aluminum, which bounces the flash light back. This light which is reflected internally is then absorbed by the Glow Frame, which ultimately makes the case gleam.

As the flash light of the handset is situated in a corner, the Glow Frame has been placed in such a way that it ends up lighting up the top edge and the right side of the cover. The developers have added as many as 125 color combination options to it, so that it stands out in the crowd. Users can customize their accessory by selecting the outer case, the Glow Frame and the anodized aluminum reflective plate in different colors.

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The Flashr LED notifications case for the iPhone 4S and 4 can be reserved by pledging at least $30. The project will see the light of the day if it collects funds worth $75,000 within a span of 32 days.