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Flash-based Online Desktop announced by MAGIX

MAGIX Logo MAGIX, a well-known provider of multimedia software and services, has announced the Flash-based Online Desktop that makes all the basic functions of an operating system accessible via the Internet.

The user can gain access to all personal files, which have been saved online and edit or manage them with multimedia and office applications, completely independent of time, place and device. All you need is a browser or mobile multimedia device.

Fundamental components of this integrated solution are the MAGIX photo, video, music and Web services. It also comprises a comprehensive online organizer with communications functionality like VoIP connection, Instant Messenger, push-to-email for mobile devices, video chat, interfaces to Internet communities, emailing functions, SMS functions, calendars, address books, bookmarks as well as full access to documents and files. The text processing, table calculation and presentation software is enabled via a connection to OpenOffice and MAGIX SecuDrive, the high-security online storage system.

The Online Desktop of MAGIX, thus, provides the user with an all-round solution for his/her multimedia and office applications that can be used with cheaper and more basic systems. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Lotus Domino Server version 4.5 or higher, so that files can be quickly and easily synchronized with every phone or organizer like the Palm Pilot or iPAQ. The service will be presented at the 2007 CeBit.

MAGIX said it acquired the platform for the mobile organizer solution and the push-to-email service including all rights (software codes and employees) from one of the market leaders in the “Mobile Internet” segment. With this combination of its own technology for multimedia communication paired with the know-how gathered from the Mobile and Online Office segment, MAGIX has extended its position in the Online Services segment.

Jurgen Jaron, CEO of MAGIX AG, said, “With this development and the marketing of this new service MAGIX contributes considerably to making Web 2.0 applications, which are independent of operating systems, available to consumers. This way, MAGIX can win over more users who are attracted to the wide range of products provided by MAGIX

MAGIX said end users will be able to subscribe to the Online Desktop via the MAGIX Web site. The service will also be available to its industry and telecommunications partners. Like with all MAGIX Internet services, the Online Desktop can be customized to meet the needs of their individual wishes and requirements.”