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Flappy Bird creator returns with another addictive game

Ninja Spinki Challenges

The creator of Flappy Bird, 2014’s unlikely hit, is back yet again with a new title called Ninja Spinki Challenges. Like Dong Nguyen’s other games, the app has a deceptively simple 8-bit look but is extremely difficult to master.

Ninja Spinki Challenges is made up of 6 mini-games starring a childlike ninja battling against cute kittens and fruit. Some require you to avoid getting smashed by cat heads by moving horizontally at a rapid pace, while others involve carefully aiming ninja stars at enemies to eliminate them.

The game play seems to replicate the addictive nature of Flappy Bird, making sure you’re on your toes constantly. A countdown timer adds to the intensity, compelling you to survive by swerving around rival ninjas and cannon balls for bursts of time. Similar to the previous game, Ninja Spinki Challenges is entirely dependent on your finger’s tapping skills.

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Ninja Spinki Challenges also has a separate Endless mode that focuses on points rather than a timer. There are multiple levels to keep you going, though moving up the ranks requires a lot of patience and precise timing.

Nguyen’s Vietnamese Gears studio joined up with Japanese game maker Obokaidem to create Ninja Spinki Challenges, his eighth title. The app is free for all and relies on ads to generate revenue. For instance, continuing a level requires you to sit through a video.

You can download Ninja Spinki Challenges via the Play Store or App Store.

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