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Flappy Bird chapter not over yet, developer confirms comeback

After letting out a hint that addictive bird-juggler Flappy Bird could very well be put back online, its developer has now confirmed that the game will be staging a comeback in the future. Dong Nguyen said on Twitter that he’ll be bringing the mobile game back online, but dampened fans’ spirits by attaching a ‘But not soon’ with the tweet.

Earlier this month, the Flappy Bird developer had spoken to a leading magazine, and had said that he is ‘considering’ re-releasing the game. He also said that in case he does launch it again, the game will come with a warning that’ll read ‘Please take a break.’

Flappy Bird

Apparently, it was Flappy Bird’s addictive nature that propelled Nguyen to take it off when it was at the peak of its popularity. At one point of time, the app was reportedly earning him $50,000 a day through ads, as it was being played by millions across the globe on their Android and iOS devices. But to the shock of everyone, he took it down one day, thus ending its utterly successful run.

The simple yet difficult game lets you assume control of a bird which is flying continuously through an unlimited side-scrolling level, and is facing obstacles in the form of green pipes. You need to tap your screens in order to keep the bird in the air, and try to score the highest number of points you can.

While Dong Nguyen has made it clear that he’ll be releasing Flappy Bird again, he hasn’t specified a time frame for the same.