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Five Key Stats About Search Engine Optimisation

seo Search engine optimisation, or its acronym, SEO are terms that are bandied about with regularity in most digitally orientated conversations. And quite rightly so, because it is a very special thing and an important element of any digital campaign or build. But, aside from the fact that it is good, and that the algorithms that sit behind platforms like Google are constantly evolving and changing in order to stay ahead of the game, what do we really know about the field? We are here to help with that – to provide you with a better understanding of the topic and to provide you with a few statistical nuggets to drop into conversations.

Who gets the clicks?

It is well known that if you want to get the clicks from Google that you need to be at the top of the search list. But what are the stats that underpin this? A local SEO Sydney based expert in the field, suggests that to win in the rankings your site should be one of the top five on the organic list. Indeed, studies show that 67 percent of the clicks generated from search engines are distributed to sites in these top five of the result. The rest of the clicks are spread between the rest of the results generated (and there can be thousands of these).

The importance of technical set-up

Content people like to tell you that winning at SEO is all about the content on the pages, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Experts in SEO Sydney based company report that of all the clicks generated through Google, 93 percent go to sites that are https. This is the latest, secure protocol that has largely replaced HTTP as the industry standard and best practice. Https is more secure than its old-school predecessor and Google likes that.

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Organic versus paid search

Paid search works, but not nearly as well as organic search. In fact, in a recent survey among digital marketing experts, as many as seventy percents of those questioned spoke of how good SEO was more effective than PPC work. Despite this, however, perhaps in recognizing that digital marketing is about creating ecosystems and coming at users from different angles, 86 percent of that same sample that was surveyed admitted that they did spend on PPC campaigns to supplement the results of their SEO spend.

Search really is big

If you are looking for one stat to explain how important SEO is, here is that stat. Google averages 75000 different searches every second. That is a lot of searches taking place and a lot of potential audiences that are waiting to be sent somewhere. If you can get just a fraction of those people coming to your site, then you will be doing very well.

Google looks at a lot of things

We have already said that SEO is a complicated field. If you are looking for proof of just how complicated it is, Google is said to assess up to 200 different elements and factors before it makes its list of recommendations.

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