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7 Free Fitness Apps for iPhone

Free Fitness Apps for iPhone

It’s that time of the year where you may really need a list of free fitness apps for iPhone, more than anything else. After all, who can resist the delectable cakes and cookies during holiday season? And why must you? While this appears to be the right reason to pile on those extra calories, we’ve rounded off a list of 7 fitness apps for iPhone that should take care of you in the aftermath. Don’t worry about treating yourself – just remember to stay in moderation and of course scan through this list too before you hit the party circuit.

1 – Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker:

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

The Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app is one of the best diet applications around. The program’s highlight is its calorie counter which is not only quick but also super easy to use. Boasting of a fast food and exercise entry, you should be able to shed off those extra pounds minus any glitches.

Including the largest food database of any iPhone calorie counter, it also features a free barcode scanner. The application is a good way to share your diet program with your friends, so that you can encourage each other. In addition to this, the application also lets you set customized goals while you pick from around 350 exercises.

2 – RunKeeper:

RunKeeper iPhone App

What’s so good about Runkeeper that we have it our free apps for iPhone list? Well, lots actually. The application puts to use the iPhone’s GPS in order to track your fitness activity, where they can be added manually as well. The intuitive interface lets you keep a tab on your activities without any hassles. And once you’re done with an activity, you can have it synced with the RunKeeper website to view your fitness history later.

Integrated with maps displaying the travelled path accurately, the application packs in audio cues that offer distance or time-based updates as desired in the course of the activity. The audio cues also play coach during interval workouts while adding in a target pace at the start of your activity lets you know how well you are coping with activity.

3 – Digifit:

Digifit iPhone app

Next on our roster of fitness apps for iPhone is Digifit. Allowing you to follow the distance you’ve covered along with time and speed, the application also displays maps and charts along with other statistics. Wish to see how well you are doing in real-time? Easy-to-read metric screens cover that too!

The application will motivate you with voice feedback when you’re working out too. And it isn’t only about tracking your weight – the tool keeps a tab on important factors like weight, blood pressure and sleep as well. Along with iTunes music integration, you can also have your data synced to a web locker.

4 – Lose It!:

Lose It! App

If you’re specifically looking for a weight loss application, then Lose It! should satisfy all your whims and fancies. A fun program, it packs in interesting features under its simple and streamlined interface. Loaded with a wide-ranging catalog of not just activities, but food as well, Lose It! lets you throw in your own foods and exercises to the database.

You can even arrange recipes and have nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fats tracked. There’s an option of direct printing from the application too.

5 – Fooducate:

Fooducate iPhone App

Obviously staying fit isn’t only about the workouts as food plays an equally important role in keeping you healthy. That’s just where Fooducate on our fitness apps for iPhone roster comes into play. Designed by dieticians, the application employs the iPhone’s camera so that it can scan UPC barcodes easily.

The makers claim to help you make better choices as far as food is concerned, by scrutinizing the information that is seen on a product’s list of ingredients and nutrition board. It apparently takes care of most stuff manufacturers don’t want you to be looking at. This includes tricky things like additives, preservatives, trans fats, food colors and more.

6 – Sleep Sounds Lite:

Sleep Sounds Lite iPhone

Don’t ignore something as simple as sound sleep when on the healthier path is what the makers of the Sleep Sounds Lite application seem to be shouting out loud. And why not! The fact is that sleep is an essential part of any fitness regime. On offer are a range of sound loops that should help you unwind after a stressful day. Getting you in a relaxed state of mind, the app is bundled with a visual power per channel visual meter, a volume tweaking option, pause control and a sound player that can be configured.

7 – YOGA Free:

YOGA Free iPhone App

For those who detest routine workouts, the Yoga Free application including professionally guided content should be useful. The app is loaded with a handy group of poses that make training a cinch, irrespective of the level and type of yoga routine you follow. The videos and voice instructions in this program are not only relaxing but fun too. With a Fast Mode to help you design programs, you can also alter the order and duration of poses. The application further includes music attuned to elevate your yoga routine and a calendar that lets you track your activity.

Whether you are looking for a holiday fitness gift or just planning to recover from all the binging, the aforementioned free fitness apps for iPhone without doubt will help. The key to getting fitter is to set achievable goals that can be consistently followed. While staying off all the delicacies is a challenge, remember not to go overboard. So have a happy and healthy holiday weekend!