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Fitbit Blaze Fitness smartwatch hits India with Rs 19999 price tag

Fitbit Fitness Blaze

Fitness enthusiasts in India will be pleased to know that the list of available wearable devices to suit their lifestyles has just been infused with yet another great option in the form of the Fitbit Blaze Fitness smartwatch. This new device can be grabbed via Amazon right now in the form of two sizes, both of which sell at Rs 19999 strangely.

Not only is the Fitbit Blaze Fitness smartwatch able to track your steps, distance and burned calories, but it also gives you an account of the number of floors you’ve climbed and the exact time for which you’ve been active. Its advanced workout tracking technology is able to detect track runs, cardio, cross training, biking and more activities easily.

It goes without saying that this Fitbit product ships with a heart rate monitor that allows it to show you simplified heart rate zones in order to be able to quickly check exercise intensity during workouts. The device also comes with a ‘connected GPS’ feature that helps you map your routes and see run stats like pace and duration on its display.

Talking about the display, it’s a full color panel capable of touchscreen input. The Blaze Fitness smartwatch boasts of having a 5-day battery life, while it ships with a number of high resolution watch faces. And then of course, there’s notification support for connected smartphones. Sleep tracking and silent alarms are two more prominent traits that have made their way into this contraption.

The Fitbit Blaze Fitness smartwatch is an Amazon exclusive product, and it’s now being offered only in its silver option, but with black, blue or plum colored bands. All the models are going for the same above mentioned cost of Rs 19999.