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First ‘True’ Hoverboard Costs $20000 and Yes, it Flies

ArcaBoard Hoverboard

The few ‘true’ hoverboards that can actually fly have been limited in various ways, like requiring some specific terrain in order to function. Not so with the ArcaBoard which is capable of lifting a rider almost a foot above the ground and it travels at a speed of 20kmph.

Specs-wise, the skateboard-shaped ArcaBoard is made up of aircraft-grade materials and is powered by 36 electric fans that deliver 272 horsepower and a maximum thrust of 200kgf or 430lbs. The Arca Space Corporation, the entity behind the product, has fitted it with a high-performance cooling system to ensure it doesn’t catch fire; an existing threat with some of the hoverboards available in the market today.

There’s also an in-built stabilization system to guarantee that the user doesn’t fall off. The feature can be turned off in case they want to direct the ArcaBoard with their body. Otherwise, individuals can control the hoverboard with their iOS or Android device. However, they’ll only be able to do so for 3 minutes with the Enhanced Thrust Version which supports up to 110kg.


For one that lasts longer, they can go for the Long Endurance Version which promises 6 minutes of usage and lifts a maximum of 80kg in weight. On top of the limited time it actually lasts, there’s also the fact that the ArcaBoard costs $19900 and takes 6 hours to fully charge. Arca Space is also selling a separate ArcaDock for $4500. It promises to power up the device within 35 minutes.

That’s a lot of money for something which is capable of traveling for only short bursts of time. But it’s a novelty product after all. The ArcaBoard will begin shipping on 15 April 2016. If you’re interested, you can head to the Arca Space website and order it now priced at $19900.