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First look at iPhone 7 reveals dual-camera, no home button

iPhone 7 Leak

A new set of photos out of China may just be our first look at the upcoming iPhone 7. The device has been leaked extensively over the past few months, with the images confirming a number of theories and adding a few more to the list.

Based on the pictures, it looks like Apple is going ahead with a dual-camera setup for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The module seen above is enclosed within a pill-shaped structure which is part of the phone’s body instead of a separate ring like previous iPhones. It appears to be accompanied by LED flash and a microphone.

Apple seems to be continuing the basic design language of the iPhone 6S for the iPhone 7. Major differences include antenna bands at the top and bottom instead of across the body and 3 dots at the base of the handset. The latter could be a Smart Connector, an interface the company introduced for the iPad Pro to connect it to the Smart Keyboard.

Apple iPhone 7 Leak

Why an iPhone would require a Smart Connector is a bit of mystery at this point, especially at this odd position. It’s possible this photo is fake and as such should be taken with a healthy dose of salt. Even the next set of photos isn’t exactly authentic-looking. They showcase an iPhone 7 with stereo speakers and without a home button or headphone jack.

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The iPhone 7’s home button and Touch ID sensor will apparently be integrated into the display. Rumors about this had surfaced about a month ago. An Apple patent had indicated that the manufacturer was looking to add 3D Touch to its home button. This lead to talk that it might introduce a flat surface with enhanced sensitivity for Touch ID and 3D Touch.