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First Commercial LTE platform for Mobile Devices Unveiled by Ericsson

Ericsson logo The new M700 mobile platform has been introduced by Ericsson, which claims to be the world’s first commercially available LTE-capable platform. It comes with peak data rates of up to 100Mbps in the downlink and up to 50Mbps in the uplink.

It is said that the above mentioned matches or in some cases surpasses the fixed-line data rates. That means it has the capability to offer superior user experience along with support for improved real-time mobile services like online games and video streaming. When compared to the 3G platform, the M700 is believed to surpass in regards to size and power consumption.

In the M700 line-up, the products that would be available comprise data devices that includes laptop modems, ExpressCards and USB modems for notebooks, along with other small-form modems, which are apt for consumer electronic devices.

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Robert Puskaric, Head of Ericsson Mobile Platforms, explained, “This world-first launch marks a milestone in Ericsson’s technology leadership and reflects our commitment to developing LTE as an evolutionary path. It is set to boost operators’ service offering and provide consumers with a superior experience with full service broadband on any device, anywhere, at any time.”

The M700 comes with a rich set of interfaces that assist in easy integration with other handset platforms for developing multi-mode devices. The latest product is compatible with bandwidths ranging between 1.4 and 20MHz and networks globally. In addition, it is said to be compliant with up to six bands, including the 700 MHz bands.

Ericsson’s interoperability testing makes sure that manufacturers can rapidly bring highly advanced devices to the market while reducing risk and lowering development costs.

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Samples of M700 ASICs is slated to roll out this year, whereas the commercial release is expected to be by next year and products based on the platform are set to release in 2010.

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