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Firefox for Android receives makeover

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Firefox for Android has been redesigned to deliver an enhanced interface and browsing experience on tablets. Considering the swelling brigade of slate enthusiasts, it comes as no surprise that more and more companies are turning towards optimizing content to suit the requirements of slabs in the markets.

Amongst the list of changes brought to the Android experience, first up is the integration of Firefox Sync with Awesome Screen. This feature should enable users to seamlessly browse history, open tabs, saved passwords as well as bookmarks. Another noteworthy improvement comes in the form of large tabs designed as thumbnails. In the landscape view, these sit pretty on the left panel. When in portrait mode, the tabs appear in the top left menu. They are designed to allow for smooth browsing since users can switch between them and view full websites on the right, at the same time. A swipe to the left will hide these tabs, rendering the view in full screen mode.

Needless to say, the revamped elements have been optimized for both widescreen as well as portrait views. The official Mozilla blog shares that there is also a new Action Bar menu on the scene with which users can access downloads, add-ons, Firefox preferences and more. Additionally, bookmark, back and forward buttons have been integrated into this bar to make accessing these functions easier than before. As for developers, changes have come in the form of support for HTML5 Form Validation API and Input Tag. The former will aid in automatically validating text, while the latter should allow scanning with cameras or Android phones without leaving the browser.

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The Firefox for Android tablets update can be downloaded from the Android Market for free.