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Finding your lost phone is now just a Google search away

Google Find Your Phone

Most of us have probably experienced the horror of realizing that our phone is not with us and could be lost forever. Google has now up with an ingenious solution to help you in your time of need.

All you have to do is type the words ‘I lost my phone’ into Google Search and the engine will locate it for you. You’ll have to be signed into your Google account of course, since the tool will only be to track devices it has a record of. Interestingly, the brand hasn’t just restricted this feature to Android products. You can seek the brand’s assistance in finding your handset even if it’s an iPhone.

However, Google has limited powers when it comes to iPhones. While it can report the last time an iPhone was synced, the Find and lock your iPhone section just includes a link to Apple’s iCloud website. The company does allow you to remotely sign out of your Google account though, which could be useful to protect things like your Gmail data.

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As for Android owners, you’ll be presented with 5 options which lets you locate your smartphone, call it, sign out of it, and reach out to your carrier or local help. You’ll further have the power to set a lockscreen password, erase data, and write a note to your handset like ‘This phone is lost. Please help give it back.’

All this is part of Google’s celebration for the 1-year anniversary of its My Account settings hub. Other additions include being able to say ‘Ok Google, show me my Google account’ to instantly pull up your page and the ability to type in your name into Google Search to see a shortcut to My Account.