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iPhone 6 Plus’ display too big for you? Give your thumb extra reach [Video]

Apple loyalists upgrading to the new iPhone 6 Plus model are certainly going to have a tough time getting used to the massive 5.5-inch display, especially for use in a single hand. The biggest issue here would be getting your thumb all the way to the top of the screen without letting the handset slip out.

You’ll know the struggle when you attempt it, that’s if you haven’t already. Well, the Japanese have come up with an ingenious solution which will make one-hand use convenient and hassle-free. Their answer to this underlying problem is the Thanko thumb extender which delivers an additional 15mm of reach.

Thanko Thumb Extender

Now, mind you – The thumb extender is indeed a real product and not a joke, though that would indeed be hard to believe. In fact, it’s being positioned as a stylus that’s designed for any type of phablet, not only the iPhone 6 Plus. The weird thing about this product is that it’s modeled after a thumb and it even fits on one.

YouTube video

And there’s a small strip on the inside which transfers static electricity from you to the touchscreen via the tip on the top. Getting used to the large display on the 6 Plus is the least of your worries. The phone apparently bends quite easily, leaving you with a deformed handset and the YouTube video below shows that it can blend as well.

YouTube video

We’re not going to get into detail about how awkward it would be using the Thanko thumb extender in public. We’ll leave the experiencing part to you as you can get the accessory shipped almost anywhere in the world for $14.80 through this link. Just FYI: There’s a reachability feature for the iPhone 6 Plus which can be enabled by double tapping the home button (not pressing) to bring the contents on the screen to the lower part of the display.


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