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Find the answer to why your iPhone has different screens for showing an incoming call

The iPhone is one complex piece of machinery, which is the reason why things can get a bit confusing when you’re trying to interact with it. A number of those who own the Apple smartphone are often puzzled at why there is an inconsistency on the screen that greets them when there’s an incoming call.

One of the screens features a slider that lets you answer the call by swiping right. This screen frustrates those who wish to decline the call, since there’s no visible option to do so. Very few iPhone users happen to know that to decline a call on this screen they have to press the power button twice.

The second call screen is a pretty simple one with a green button to answer the call and a red one to decline it. It is often frustrating to see different screens pop up for users who don’t actually know the exact reason behind why and when the two appear, but here we are with an explanation of the same.


The first screen with the slider mechanism appears when the iPhone is locked, since you anyway have to use the slider in order to unlock the handset. As mentioned above, you can press the power button twice in order to decline the call on this screen.

The second screen on the other hand, appears when the Apple device is unlocked already. This allows you to easily access the decline button. The approach which the company has taken while designing this feature is pretty different from the one taken by Android designers, but it makes sense that the device must be unlocked before picking up a call.

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Whatever the case, now that you know the exact reason behind the two different call screens on your iPhone, it should be far less frustrating for you to see them the next time.