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Finally: Xiaomi Mi 3 sale numbers and accessory prices revealed

The Xiaomi Mi 3 is one hot seller in India with the most recent sale getting over in just 5 seconds. And as amazing as this sounds, the company and exclusive retailer Flipkart have been keeping mum on the actual number of units sold. Well, that’s until now as the official figures have been revealed.

According to the Chinese OEM, a total of 20000 Xiaomi Mi 3 units have been ordered on Flipkart. And since there have been only two sales so far, it’s safe to assume that 10000 handsets were put up for grabs each week. Clearly, this is nowhere near to the 40000 units of Asus’ ZenPhone which flew off the shelves in just 4 days.

Xiaomi Mi 3

But if the company would have put up a larger stock of Mi 3’s, we’re pretty sure the outcome could have been very different. Also, 10000 units getting sold in just 5 seconds is a pretty great accomplishment. Xiaomi is planning to launch various accessories for the smartphone and prices for each device have been revealed by Flipkart.

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The Mi Flip cover for the Mi 3 handset will arrive in choices of white, black and blue for Rs 559, while the official screen protector is tagged at Rs 179. There’s also a pair of premium-looking in-ear headphones priced at Rs 999. It features an anti-tangle cable, a Kevlar braided cord and aluminum exteriors. Lastly, the 5200mAh power bank will cost Rs 799, while the 10400mAh model is tagged at Rs 999.


The accessories are still listed as out of stock, but should be available next month. Also, the next Xiaomi Mi 3 sale is scheduled for August 5 at 6pm.