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Final Cut Pro Update Improves Performance, Adds Other Useful Features

apple final cut pro logic pro Apple released the latest update for the Final Cut Pro software on the 12th of April 2022, that is version 10.6.2. This update comes five months after the previous 10.6.1 update, which was released in November 2021. The update has resolved a lot of the issues the previous versions suffered from. It also has enhancements and handy additions of its own.

It is now easier to locate media that appears numerous times in a project just by highlighting it; you no longer have to tag it individually. The developers have also added Korean as a language in the support section.

An issue we are sure most people will be glad has been fixed in the update is the timecode on a modified project. In the previous version of Final Cut Pro, you would complete and save a project, and if you made any changes, the project would be re-opened with a blank timeline.

How does it improve video creating?

apple final cut editing The new update makes shooting videos at high speed easier but still maintains high resolution and full quality playback. One of the enhancements the latest version has is even better slow-motion footage. It worked great before but is even better now. You need to pick the clip you want to be slowed down and select the retiming button. Under the slow section, you are given options of 50%, 25% and 10%. Before you ask, yes, it works just as well when you want to speed up a certain clip.

Other great enhancements are the color correction and addition of effects. Now you can have different color effects in one clip without compromising the gradient quality. The new update makes it easier to work with proxy files, which is useful for those who shoot videos remotely.

Who will benefit the most from the update?

apple final cut mac This update will be appreciated by anyone who wants to create high quality, great -ooking videos without the need for bulky equipment. The update will have especially appeal to those who make a living from social media. Vloggers, influencers and Youtubers with just an iPhone 13 or later model and a Mac computer powered by Big Sur 11.5.1 should be good to go.

The new upgraded color effects are great for makeup tutorials as the balance color evens out background colors and makes skin tone look natural. The transitions options and high-quality audio will be appreciated by those who create content for Instagram or other online channels.

This update will work for you even if you simply want to create home videos to capture family events or your other personal milestones. It’s no secret that professional videographers and filmmakers also use Final Cut Pro; movies such as The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were edited using previous versions of this product.

Any new updates soon?

Final Cut Pro 10.6.2 is the latest version from Apple, and there has been no further news about future updates. Ordinarily, updates are released to fix bugs and issues experienced within the existing version or add enhancements to the current version.

Since this new update is barely a month old, it has not been used extensively yet.

To sum it up

Video creation and editing don’t get any better than this. We know there are competitors such as Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer. But they still seem to catch up with Apple.

Final Cut Pro allows you to make studio-quality videos relatively easy. It has an extensive library that enables you to save all your project clips for use in a future project. The streamlined sharing options make it easy to export projects to other devices such as the Apple TV or iPad, and post to your social media accounts.