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Filmora9 Review: A Bevy Of Interesting Additions

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Wondershare Filmora blessed video creators with a version 9 update last year, which granted it a lot of useful and user-requested features. The video editing tool is known for its simple and easy-to-understand user interface, and has maintained this quality despite the addition of so many new attributes. Filmora9 comes equipped with a number of new features that include enhanced chroma key, support for up to 100 layers in the timeline, improved audio editing, faster import and export speeds, keyframe support in audio editing and a lot more. Let us take a deep dive into this new update to see how well it fares.

Support for up to 100 media layers is something that really amplifies the scope of your projects. If you’re up for it, you can now give a professional-grade touch to your videos by adding as many video and audio tracks needed to spruce up the content. This also means that you can add filters, transitions and effects to each and every layer you activate.

Filmora9 Media Layers

It works just as you’d expect it to work. The track at the bottom will be the main one, and as you keep stacking up clips above it, they appear over the main clip. This is incredibly useful for editing B-roll footage and also for editing short films that have various scenes with different camera angles. And support for more layers also allows you to easily have two clips playing at the same time. You can use the Transform section to change their dimensions and get creative as you add them to your edit.

Enhanced chroma key support has also made its way into Filmora9. This means you can now take your green screen footage and add backgrounds to it with extreme ease. Filmora9 has even included control adjustments that help you ensure that the green screen removal happens perfectly. All you need to do is place your green screen footage on the timeline, and then place the background you want below it. You can then right-click on the green screen footage in the timeline to select the ‘Green Screen’ option. This opens up a neat menu where you can alter the intensity, edge thickness and other aspects of chroma key and see them being applied to the clip in the preview window.

Filmora9 Green Screen

Audio editing also forms a huge part of Filmora9, and the new version has enhanced this aspect with more visible audio waveforms. Also, there’s keyframe support for audio clips now. This allows you to adjust the volume of an audio clip within the timeline. Using keyframes you can even have the volume of a single clip go up and down seamlessly, without having to chop it up in different parts. This greatly speeds up the process of editing sound, and with support for multiple layers, the scope for professional-grade sound mixing is also pretty good.

Filmora9 Filmstock

And that’s not all, Filmora9 even brings with it Filmstocks. It is your one-stop shop for grabbing royalty-free video effects, audio clips and stock media. It will work on a subscription basis, but there’s indeed a free plan available, which gives you access to unlimited downloads from the free library. But there are richer libraries that will be made available with Standard and Premium plans. These include a wider selection of stock footage, more professional effects and more. And if you’re subscribed, you can use everything from those libraries in your commercial projects without worrying about copyright infringement.

Coming back to Filmora9, this new version has once again proven that film editing can be learned and mastered easily. The new version is still simple to use, yet incredibly resourceful when it comes to rendering the tools needed to make great videos. And the makers of Filmora9 are continually doling out useful videos on a regular basis, to keep you updated on all the features that you can use to give a professional touch to your videos.

You can try out the free trial of Filmora9 by downloading it right now. And if you like it, you can opt for the paid versions that take away the watermark after export. A one-year license will set you back by $44.99, while a lifetime license that will grant you future updates, will cost $59.99. There’s even an unlimited plan that comes with a standard subscription of Filmstocks along with the lifetime plan of Filmora9, and costs just $104.87.