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Files with EPS extension and where they are used

eps-extension The .EPS extension indicates graphical files that use the PostScript language. EPS is an abbreviation that means ‘Encapsulated PostScript’. This format was created by Adobe based on PostScript language and served as a basis for designing earlier versions of the Adobe Illustrator format.

.EPS files are often used in printing or for data exchange between different programs and operating systems. They can contain text, raster, vector images, as well as their combinations. You can learn how to open EPS file if you click on the link, and then you’ll finally find out what is inside your file.

Features of the EPS Format

– Each EPS file contains a smaller version of itself – a small preview image for quick viewing;

– This format supports various color spaces: Grayscale, RGB, CMYK, Lab, Multi-channel;

– As the format was created by Adobe, you can open .EPS image almost with any program of this company and Adobe Illustrator will be excellent for its editing;

– You can use Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice to view it. You just need to insert the file into the document as an image;

– The format is supported by many different viewer programs, for example, IrfanView and ACD Systems Canvas and graphics editors: Inkscape, GIMP, CorelDRAW, a lot of them are completely free.


EPS Format: Why Do We Need It and How Do We Use It?

Nowadays, you can often find files with .eps extensions on sites with different graphic images for web designers. We would like to tell you more what this format is for, how to open it and how to use it.

You can still ask as for now, why do we need it? The answer is that with its help, you can easily make stylish design blanks for images on your site. That can be the images for a header (top of the site), a footer (bottom), to create an e-cover for your e-books, prepare a stylish model for any note, etc.

So, how to use it?

To begin with, you can open it with the famous graphic editor Photoshop.

Let’s say that we need to create an image for an e-book. We created a new document in Photoshop sized 300 x 500 pixels. Now open any document with the EPS extension, the image that you would like to see on the cover of the book.

The width of the document can be set exactly the same as the cover of the book that we are creating (300 pixels). After that, the image will take the dimensions we need, and you can efficiently use it for an e-book.

If you would open an image of the .jpg format or some other format like this, if the width was changed, quality would be lost, and here the image quality remains constant for any width of the document. This is the main advantage of the EPS format as you will have a picture of the highest quality and with any width.

EPS format is a very useful format, especially for web designers and also for everyone who plays around with images.