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FIFA 18’s World Cup mode will be made available for free this time

FIFA 18 World Cup

Dropping a huge surprise, EA has announced that a World Cup mode will be made available for free to all those who own FIFA 18. Being the kind of company that it is, EA was expected to charge gamers for this update, but that’s not the case thankfully. This update will be launched for the game on May 29.

FIFA 18 will get blessed with an officially-licensed World Cup mode which means that authentic teams, stadiums, kits, badges and of course the trophy, will all be in it. EA has revealed that you can play the entire tournament online. Plus, there will even be a custom tournament mode which will let you create a World Cup competition featuring unqualified teams that are available in the game’s roster.

Each of the 12 Russian stadiums to be used in the World Cup will form part of this FIFA 18 update, complete with fresh cinematic scenes. The World Cup patch will ship with a special Ultimate Team mode moreover. It will feature a revised chemistry system and new items related to the tournament.

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FUT will kick in a ‘double pack incentive’ which will ensure that any standard or premium pack purchased in FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team will be usable in the regular version of the game. Apart from all these details, EA has also released a trailer for this mode which can be spotted in the space above.

FIFA 18 was launched in September last year with Cristiano Ronaldo as its cover athlete. Apart from the PS4, the Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch, the game is also available for purchase on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

But it is to be noted that the FIFA 18 World Cup mode will not be made available on the two latter platforms.