When Is The Next Tarkov Wipe In 2021? EFT Guide

Jun 8, 2021

Next Tarkov Wipe Guide Escape From Tarkov players are always on the lookout for the next Tarkov wipe. It is because a wipe in this game is beneficial for both new players and seasoned experts.

Battlestate Games keeps its wipe schedule a closely guarded secret. Doing so makes the roll-out more exciting as the players have fun trying to guess when the next one will occur.

What is an Escape From Tarkov Wipe?

A wipe in Escape From Tarkov is a factory reset of most in-game player characteristics. After such an event, players are stripped of all the gear, progress levels, and skill upgrades they had gathered thus far. A wipe thus puts everyone on the same playing field.

You can expect a wipe to follow closely when Battlestate adds more in-game elements such as new maps, trader rep calculations, features, gear and tasks. There has been speculation that they might stop these after the game is out of the closed beta testing phase but that they might continue with resets in every season. Doing so keeps the players engaged as they have something novel to explore and learn in new seasons.

Why is an ETF Wipe Good?

After a  wipe, new players can survive for much longer in the game and get a much-needed opportunity to hone their skills. They also get to explore new maps deeply and learn about the subtle nuances in them.

Even veteran Escape From Tarkov gamers benefit from these events as they now have to rely only on their competence to win. They can no longer use the advanced gear and level-upgrades they had accumulated to earn easy kills.

Additionally, most EFT wipes are announced with the release of significant updates to the game. By starting from a blank state, players are forced to try out the new items and features launched in the update. Also, when ripped of their more feature-rich tools and gear, players tend to use some of the low-tiered items they usually avoid. Players also remain more engaged as they attempt the new tasks and challenges.

When is the next Tarkov wipe date in 2021?

Battlestate does not reveal the method it uses to plan the schedule of these refreshes. No one can know with absolute certainty when the next one will happen.

We can best estimate the next wipe date by extrapolating from the historical data about the previous wipes. Forecasting is a probability-based science at best, and when it comes to gaming, one should always take it with ample doses of healthy skepticism.

Historical Data about Previous Escape From Tarkov Wipes?

If we analyze the data about the previous wipes, we observe that the average span between the last three wipes was 208 days. The last reset occurred on December 24, 2020.

If we do a little math, we might guess that the next Escape From Tarkov wipe should happen sometime in July 2021.

However, this calculation has a caveat. (There is always some caveat, isn’t there?) If we go further back into the game’s history, we find that the overall average period between wipes since the game was launched has been 144 days.

Battlestate closely guards the information about its EFT wipe schedule, which is the right thing to do. The success of these events depends mainly on the element of surprise and the accompanying fun of second-guessing one’s estimate. Additionally, they have to manage the sudden jump in traffic to Tarkov servers following a reset.

The company also makes sure no key facts about new releases and other major updates leak out. New updates and releases drive the most sales for the company in the honeymoon period. It is only fair to pack in the maximum surprise to provide gamers with more gaming pleasure.

What is the deal with Wipe Thursday?

Most Escape From Tarkov fans hear a lot that the next wipe is scheduled for Thursday. It has become a little legend among the lovers of the game.

We shall break the truth behind this myth. While it is true that a few of the previous Tarkov Wipes happened on Thursdays, it was purely coincidental.

The talk about every wipe being rolled out on a Thursday is actually a humorous take on ETF wipes that originated when Pestily, a famous Tarkov personality on Twitch, answered his fans’ queries about the next game wipe.

We cannot predict in advance when a new wipe will happen. Battlestate Games is careful not to give away any sign that might spoil the fun.

However, if you are keen on following the interesting rumor-mill about the topic, you must engage in the many game-related forums, including those on Twitter and Reddit.

What can we expect in the future with new season releases?

Battlestate initially intended to stop new wipes after the full release of the game. They seem to be following along with the same philosophy currently.

However, gamers and analysts speculate Escape From Tarkov will follow along the lines of other popular multiplayer FPS and RPG games that make new resets with every new season. Players play one season with a specific character while picking a non-season character after the next wipe. Players’ progress is thus wiped away and the playing field is leveled. Each game begins anew with a new player base.


Q: When’s the next ETF wipe?

A: It is tough to predict the next ETF wipe date as Battlestate Games keeps any such announcements under wraps. However, we can arrive at an educated guess about the next wipe date by analyzing past data about the previous wipes. By doing this, we estimate the next ETF wipe to happen in July 2021.

Q: Will 12.7 be a wipe Tarkov?

A: Battlestate Games released the 12.7 patch for Escape From Tarkov in mid-2020. The patch size is 1.6 GB, and the patch notes are unchanged. There will be no wipe linked with patch 12.7.

Q: Is Tarkov wiping on Thursday?

A: There have been some Tarkov wipes released on Thursdays in the past. However, that was a purely random occurrence. Tarkov wiping on Thursday is a meme created by a famous Twitch personality as a humorous response to multiple requests from fans asking about the next wipe.

Q: How long was the last wipe?

A: The last wipe in Escape From Tarkov took place on December 24, 2020. The last three wipes have occurred at an average gap of 208 days, and we estimate the Tarkov wipe schedule to take place in July 2021.