13 Unbelievable Features of Future iPhones

3Invisible fingerprint sensor to unlock your iPhone

Concept iPhone with Invisible Fingerprint Sensor

Although Face ID works fine most of the time, it can be frustrating having to lift the iPhone and hold it to your face each time you want to unlock it. The physical fingerprint sensor was one thing we really wish Apple had not ditched in the iPhone X.

It will be highly inconvenient for users if the company drops this essential feature from the future generation iPhone models too. Apple can fix this and still keep its next iPhone looking as futuristic as possible. All it needs to do is incorporate an in-display fingerprint reader.

The technology is still rather raw. But Android manufacturers have already started adopting it. Vivo came out with an in-display sensor on the X21, Huawei has the Porsche Design Mate RS and Xiaomi is rolling out the Mi 8 Explorer Edition.

1/3rd of the Vivo Apex’s screen features an under-display fingerprint reader

It’s a pity that a company which built its reputation for being at the forefront of innovation will be following others when it comes to this feature. It’s hard to picture Apple avoiding the fingerprint sensor game entirely by depending on Face ID.

Unless there’s some unlock option we cannot begin to imagine, we predict that the 2019 iPhone will have an in-display biometric sensor. Maybe Apple could do it better by enabling fingerprint scanning on half the screen (or the whole display).

Vivo introduced the Apex concept smartphone at the Mobile World Congress with an under-display fingerprint reader taking up 1/3rd of the touchscreen. It would make sense for Apple to release a bezel-free iPhone which could be unlocked by placing a finger anywhere on the screen.