10 iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do

5NEVER Fumble for the Video Button Again:

Take Better Videos iPhone

How many times have you fumbled too long for the video button and missed a perfect clip worthy of Instagram or TikTok? Did you know that you can quickly start taking a video by just long-pressing the button you would normally use to click pictures? This works even if you launch the camera from the lock screen.

Secondly, you may not have paid much attention to the white button that pops up right next to the center button when you start taking a video. Well, pressing this button lets you take still photos while shooting videos on the iPhone so you don’t have to switch between video and photo modes.

– Click Photos Without Touching the Display:

The iPhone, like most other smartphones these days, does not have a dedicated physical shutter button. However, unlike most Android phones, it doesn’t even let you click pictures with a customizable trigger word such as Cheese. But there are two ways you can take steadier stills without touching the screen.

Instead of using the virtual, on-screen camera shutter button, you can press the volume keys on the side to snap a photo. Alternatively, if you’re still hanging on to those wired Apple earphones, their in-line button can stand in as a shutter button. We’d still prefer a trigger word as an option though.

 – Lock Autofocus and Exposure:

Launch the camera and long-press anywhere on the screen to lock the autofocus and exposure at what it is during that moment. To set another point for focus and exposure, or to undo the locked AF/AE, tap anywhere on the screen again. An icon saying AF/AE Lock will be displayed at the top for as long as you keep the lock on.

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