10 iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do

3Take Level and Well-Framed Photos:

How To Take Better Photos iPhone

Ever wonder how bloggers get those perfectly level and well-framed photos of their food? The iPhone has a trick or two up its sleeve to help users take flawless overhead pictures of objects. The main one is buried deep in the camera settings.

It’s not within the camera app itself. To access this feature, go to Settings from the main screen. Scroll down to Camera. There’s a Grid option under composition. Enable the grid and then head back to the camera.

Now whenever you hold your phone over something to snap a photo, two cross-hairs will appear in white and yellow at the center of the frame. Angle your iPhone until both lay perfectly on top of each other et voila!

– How to Mirror Selfie Photos on iPhone:

We are so used to seeing our mirrored versions that a lot of people find their actual, true-to-life pictures to be less attractive. Until iOS 14, the iPhone’s camera app was not capable of flipping selfies around. You had to go through the whole process of taking a selfie and then editing it on the smartphone later.

Several apps on iTunes have been offering the convenience of directly clicking mirrored selfies on the iPhone. Looks like Apple is finally happy to cut out the middle man. To take mirrored photos from the front camera, update to iOS 14. Then switch on Mirror Front Camera from Settings > Camera.

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