10 iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do

2– Clear out your RAM to speed up your iPhone:

iPhone X RAM

Even iPhones slow down sometimes, no matter how good iOS is at managing background processes. This tends to happen especially when you’ve done something resource-intensive like playing a few graphics-heavy games or clicking on dozens of photos. Did you know that you can solve the problem in less than one minute by clearing out your RAM?

That’s providing there is an issue in the memory management function which is making your iOS device lazy, and not some perceived ploy by Apple to get you to buy a new iPhone. In early 2018, the company admitted that some older iPhone models were purposely being slowed down to deal with battery capacity deterioration over time.

So there’s a neat little trick to check if RAM is actually the issue the next time your iPhone feels sluggish – unlock your iPhone and hold down the Sleep button until the Slide to Power Off slider shows up. Then, press the Home button continuously for about 5 seconds till the home screen reappears. Your iPhone should feel good as new since this action clears up your entire RAM.

The process is different for the iPhone X since it doesn’t have a Home button. You have to first conjure a Home button, of course. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and toggle on AssistiveTouch. A white and gray circle will appear. Tapping on it will open up the AssistiveTouch menu, with a virtual Home button at the bottom.

Proceed to Settings > General, scroll to the bottom, and tap Shut Down. The same Slide to Power Off screen appears; only you’ll have to long-press the virtual home button in this case. Apply pressure until your iPhone X turns black, flashes white, and then goes back to the Settings menu.

And that’s it, mission accomplished! After you’ve cleared the RAM, you can go back to the AssistiveTouch menu and banish the virtual Home button from sight once again.