Apple iPhone 8: Everything We Know So Far


iPhone 8 Design

While an OLED screen can almost certainly be taken as a guarantee, questions still remain about what the panel will be attached to. The most popular narrative is that Apple plans to introduce an all-glass style that’s held together by a stainless steel band. It’s a bit of a retro throwback since the iPhone 4 featured the same look.

Apple’s not using the same steel it utilized all those years ago though, implementing a new forging process to make it sturdier. Mac Otakara has added to this speculation by stating that the brand was going to steal the Apple Watch’s polished stainless steel frame and improve upon it. This will probably result in a smooth blending of glass and steel so that the iPhone 8 looks like a black monolith.

Speculation so far has suggested that that the iPhone 8 will occupy the same approximate physical real estate as the iPhone 7 while boasting of a bigger full-face display. However, newer reports have indicated that the upcoming device will be a bit bigger than the latter. Oh, and the extra screen space may result in a very tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio, similar to the Galaxy S8.

Image Credit: iDrop News