5 Best iPhone 8 Concept Videos

32 – Integrated secondary display

Instead of the separate secondary bottom display seen in the previous concept, this mockup shows us a tiny panel that seamlessly integrates itself into the main display and presents different functions for different apps. Moreover, it also houses a physical home button/fingerprint scanner, but that too somehow gets amalgamated into the bottom bar.

Created by Thadeu Brandão, this beautiful concept shows us a display that has bezels on none of its four sides. In keeping with the rumors, the iPhone 8 in this concept video showcases a back panel made of glass, with only the side frame containing metal.

And although you’ll spot the dual rear cameras which the iPhone 7 range already offers, there’s no front camera on this concept. The artist has not mentioned why this is the case moreover.

Now Apple is known to make stupid exclusions – who can forget the 3.5mm jack fiasco – but we don’t think it’s stupid enough to not incorporate a selfie camera into its new iPhone. So that’s one thing this concept gets very wrong.