5 Best iPhone 8 Concept Videos

21 – The iPhone X

This mockup gets its name from the aforementioned fact that 2017 will be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Created by Imran Taylor and Ran Avni, it imagines the device to have a completely touch sensitive bottom bar which will serve different purposes based on the app which is running on it.

For instance, when the camera is being used, a slider will appear there for easy zooming. And more importantly, when there’s a notification, the bottom bar will light up to indicate that. This way, you can just swipe up on that indication to go to the notification that has just arrived. This idea is actually very much in sync with Apple’s approach, since it matches the functionality of the Touch Bar which was introduced with the latest MacBook Pro lineup.

As for the fingerprint scanner, it will not form part of the bottom bar at all. It will be integrated into the display of the iPhone X. The creators of this concept have given the device a two tone appearance, wherein the frame will have a different color than the rest of the body.

If you watch the video you’ll notice that the display is clearly an edge-to-edge panel, but it does have empty space at the top. The dual camera placement is vertical rather than horizontal, which in our opinion makes the iPhone look a little ugly. Among the other things that this concept incorporates is wireless charging and even a special 3D camera technology for augmented reality effects.