8 iPhone Battery Hacks For Power Users

Here’s our lineup of iPhone battery hacks for you users who are looking to get the most out of their phone’s battery. Scenarios wherein you forget to charge your iPhone or end up with very little battery life with a large part of the day still to go are common for everyone.

iPhone Battery Hacks For Power Users

It’s at times like these that you get desperate and start looking for ways to conserve your precious iPhone battery power. There are several ways to conserve your phone’s battery life that you might not be aware of. This list will hence take you through the points you must remember when you’re trying to save the battery life of your iPhone desperately. Let’s get going with it.

4Here’s our list of iPhone battery hacks to save your battery from dying

Switch off Wi-Fi Assist

A subject of major controversy, the new Wi-Fi Assist feature automatically switches to cellular data when the Wi-Fi signal is weak. This not only leads to increased data usage unbeknownst to the user but also leads to more battery drain than usual as cellular data drinks more juice than Wi-Fi connections.

The fact that this trait is switched on by default in iOS 9.1 has even led to a Florida couple filing a class action lawsuit against Apple. You can switch it off in order to save your data and battery life by entering Settings > Cellular and then scrolling all the way to the bottom to find the option.

Take control of the brightness

The next addition to our iPhone battery hacks is about the iPhone’s Auto-Brightness feature which senses the amount of light in your surroundings to adjust the display’s luminosity optimally. When you’re constantly moving between different environments, this adjusting of brightness also keeps happening all the time, leading to quite some battery drain.

It’s important then that you turn off this feature via Settings > Display & Brightness. At desperate times, you must also bring the brightness down to its lowest in order to save more battery life. This will make it incredibly hard for you to view the stuff on your screen, but it’ll sure conserve a lot of power.