5 Flash Player apps for iPhone

Flash Player Apps For iPhone

There seems to be some animosity between iOS devices and Adobe Flash Player which refrains the former from integrating the latter into its system. But that is no reason to not let Apple users enjoy web browsing of flash content and which is why we have listed below the top 5 Flash Player apps for the iPhone which try to make up for the lack of Adobe Flash Player in these devices.

1 – Skyfire web browser:

Skyfire Web Browser

One of the most popular web browsers for iOS devices, Skyfire executes the basic function of allowing you to view the flash videos on the iPod. The Skyfire web browser already offers support for up to 200,000 websites including South Park, The Daily Show, Justin TV and more. The latest feature to be added to this browser is the Video Recommendation Engine which recognizes the search topic to suggest video results related to it. And not only does the browser lets you watch flash videos, but also saves money with the help of its video compression technology, allowing users to enjoy toeing within the data plan limits.

2 – Skyfire VideoQ:

Skyfire VideoQ

Another app from Skyfire is VideoQ which lets iOS users enjoy videos that they otherwise cannot. This app features the top flash videos of the day selected by about millions of Skyfire users. Not only does it offer users with an option to watch the popular videos, but also allows users to customize channels and categories for convenience. These channels include technology, news, sports, humor and more. As the wisdom of the crowd decides which videos will feature in the hot list, iPhone users automatically receive an update about videos popular with ‘the crowd.’ Furthermore, it allows users to watch Flash videos using any web browser.

3 – Cloud Browse:

Cloud Browse

Next on our list of top 5 Flash Player apps for iPhone is the Cloud Browse which allows users to launch a full desktop Firefox browser on their Apple device. Besides letting you view Flash videos on the iPhone, this application also supports Java-based and other disabled content. Its Firefox browser claims to be faster than Mobile Safari and saves search history and log in details. It promises unlimited browsing sessions without flashing unwanted advertisements. And that’s not all, Cloud Browse runs the desktop Firefox browser on secure servers for an enhanced web browsing experience and the SSL encrypted data transmission takes care of privacy issues. Users have an option to choose a service level from amongst Basic, Unlimited and Premium, whichever is best suited.

4 – Photon Flash Web Browser:

Photon Flash Web Browser

Specifically designed to deliver an improved web browsing experience like other apps on this list, the Photon Flash web browser claims to pack in some innovative features. The Flash browsing support lets you play Flash games on social networking websites like Facebook and browse through other Flash-based websites. The navigation bar features a ‘lightning’ icon which needs to be hit to help users launch Flash websites. Additionally, this browser is a combination of fast native browsing for usual websites and remote browsing for Flash-based ones. For privacy, the app supports anonymous browsing and lets you clear history. And moreover it allows adjusting brightness levels for browsing the web.

5 – Puffin Web Browser:

Puffin Web Browser

This web browser for viewing websites and enjoying videos renders full versions of web pages swiftly through cloud computing. Needless to say it offers full support to Flash websites besides displaying Flash videos in full screen mode. The browser also offers its support for text input in a number of languages. Though, this web browser is yet to be optimized for Flash games. Users can bookmark their websites on the browser and switch between modes such as mobile and desktop browsers. In addition to pop-up blocker, the browser displays search as well as URL suggestions. And to add it all, it supports the iPhone 4 Retina display.

So if you are one of those iPhone owners who’re wondering how to enjoy Flash websites and Flash based games on social networking portals, this list of Top 5 Flash Player apps for iPhone should put an end to all your browsing woes. Whoever said you need to wait until Apple and Adobe resolve their issues certainly was not well updated.

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