Flash Player for iPod Touch

Flash Player For iPod

If you’re on the lookout to access flash player on an iPod, then you’d probably be luckier finding a leprechaun’s pot of gold. But, don’t get your hopes down already. Although Apple has shut its doors on Adobe, there are still a number of alternatives that can bring flash-based content to your iPod touch. Wondering how? Through a series of applications available, you will be able stream videos, play games and also view various other content embedded on websites. So the next time a friend shares something really awesome from the internet and it’s not compatible with Safari, there’s no need to run to the nearest PC, you could use an app from our Flash player for iPod Touch list.

Skyfire Web Browser

1. Skyfire Web Browser – Available on iOS for over a year now, the Skyfire web browser not only allows you to surf the web but also, enables video streaming of Flash-based files. So how does it work? Through automatic detection, the application grabs content from websites, converts it into iOS-friendly HTML5 format on the company’s servers and is finally viewable on your device. Also, based on videos watched, the browser provides recommendations that may be of interest to you. Skyfire is priced at $2.99 on iTunes.


2. VideoQ – Got a bunch of interesting video links and no Flash support on your iPod? Well, the makers of Skyfire have brought in the VideoQ application which enables viewing of flash-based content from the web. On completion of the registration, you can mail in links to the company and watch them once queued or copy the URL of a webpage within the app. Unlike its web browser counterpart, VideoQ is an entertainment tool that brings in the top rated video of the day from all over the internet into a single interface. VideoQ comes with a price tag of $3.99 on the App Store.

Photon Browser

3. Photon Browser – Holding the ability to play Flash games, apps, videos and other content, Photon Browser comes with the sole purpose of providing support for websites that were previously not viewable on the iPod touch. Switchable between different modes, one for native browsing and a second for Flash compatibility, you can zoom into videos or also use the device as a mousepad. The Photon Browser application is available on the iTunes Store for a price of $3.99.

Cloud Browse

4. Cloud Browse
– Providing a desktop-like browsing experience, Cloud Browse comes with access to flash and Java content as well. Through the adoption of Mozilla Firefox, you can play games, videos and other stuff that’s not natively supported by the operating system. Additionally, the application has also introduced security features that host browsing sessions on secured servers and not the device. Priced at $2.99, this Flash for iPod Touch is downloadable from the App Store.

Puffin Web Browser

5. Puffin Web Browser – Similar to the aforementioned apps, Puffin Web Browser is Flash-friendly. That means you can stream all those favorite videos and games with just a simple click. Supporting gestures like two-finger tap for mouse-over or two-finger pan for drag-and-drop, you can view complete web pages and not the mobile-optimized ones. What’s more, the application also comes with a popup blocker and switchable mobile/desktop surfing modes. Puffin Web Browser is priced at $0.99 on the App Store.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

6. Splashtop Remote Desktop – Unlike the browsers we’ve mentioned, Splashtop Remote Desktop uses a completely different method. Just as the name suggests, the application displays the content of your computer like the desktop and provides full access to it. That means you can explore all personal files, videos music and applications straight from the device’s screen. So if you’re too lazy to sit in front of a computer and view Flash-based content, with Splashtop Remote Desktop you can do so through any web browser installed straight from your comfort zone. Sound good for a price of $0.99?

iTeleport VNC

7. iTeleport: VNC – Through its multi-platform support, iTeleport: VNC is another remote desktop utility that brings the computer screen straight to your device. Supporting Mac, Windows, Linux and AMX touchscreen interfaces, you can browse, edit view and control the PC from anywhere in the house or the world. What makes it a Flash player for the iPod alternative is the ability to view sites and all of its content from your preferred web browser. iTeleport: VNC comes with a price tag of $24.99.

Since there’s no Flash player for iPod Touch at present, we’re sure many of you are going to be relieved knowing about these alternatives. What’s more, this doesn’t appear to be the end of it. Adobe recently let loose its latest Flash Media Server tool that brings in support for HTML5 and has also stated its ability to deliver Flash-based content to iOS devices. So keep your fingers crossed, it might not be long before the Flash player for iPod finally arrives.