‘Vu Vista Digital Home’ – India’s first Windows Vista PC unveiled

The invitation at the entrance of CR2 mall

After attending the official launch of the Microsoft Windows Vista and 2007 Office System at the Taj President in Mumbai, India; we hurriedly took a cab (not to mention the bad fall I had whilst treading down the way from Taj to the cab) and set our ways to the Vu flagship Store at CR2 mall in Nariman Point, Mumbai.

The Vu Digital Home is an invention of Vu Technologies, a California-based company. Vu (pronounced ‘view’) is a luxury technology brand which has the world’s first ‘Gadget bar’ that sells the latest in luxury technology within a unique retail experience. The California based Vu Technologies has been brought to India exclusively by Zenith Computers Ltd.

Neelam Dhawan at the store

Present at the Vu store was Neelam Dhawan, Managing Director, Microsoft India (who rushed from the launch event to the Vu store, thanks to her chauffeur-driven car, whilst we were stuck calling a cab for ourselves) who unveiled the first Windows Vista PC at the store.

At the Vu Vista Digital Home consumers get an unbelievable 10 feet experience wherein they can view Windows on a 32” LCD TV, loaded on a P4 3.0 GHz CPU, and control the system with a Radio Frequency (RF) keyboard/mouse. Window Vista looks grand on the larger screen due to its outstanding graphics. The product is being sold at the Vu store for Rs. 75,000. Vu is offering a 5.1 wall speakers as a special offer on the launch with the Vista Digital Home.

The Windows Vista poster

If you want to go in for the fanciest and most expensive Vista based PC, Vu offers the “Vu Vista Digital Home – Ultimate” version, which is the most expensive offering with a 37” LCD or larger screen, 5.1 tall speakers with the Vu Piston PC, RF key board and Vista Premium for Rs 1,50,000.

In addition, Vu also has an affordable luxury product – “the Vu Vista PC” with a 19” LCD TV, 3.0GHz, 512 MB, RF keyboard and with a Vista Premium at an affordable cost of Rs 35,000.

Devita Saraf, CEO, Vu Technologies said, “Indian customers have always wanted the best and Vu is glad to offer it to them. These stylish high-end products with Windows Vista will offer new levels of ease, security and reliability, a new interface, and simple ways to organize and search for information on your PC.”

Vu Technologies is the first vendor to have its range of its high – end luxury products compatible with Window Vista.

The products launched with the exclusive Window Vista PCs are Vu Vista Digital Home, Vu Vista PC and the Vu Vista Ultimate.