Views on Japanese Anime, Females and Art from Indian Anime Enthusiasts

Why is it that everybody assumes certain things are not meant for the female species? Take for instance, gaming. Well, before all you girls pounce on me, you must know that I’m a girl too, who’s a gamer as well! Even when it comes to Anime there’s some sort of rift between what the girls want and what guys really want.

In this video, Srividya speaks on behalf of all the women who are into Japanese Anime and she clears out any doubts you ever had. She also tells us just what makes Anime so special to her as a girl. Whether it’s the hunky animated guys, or the mushy stories; she says that there are Anime made especially for the female audience in mind.

Because as you know, most Anime have tons of action sequences. However, we must stress on the fact, that all women do not only want mushy love stories, but on the contrary they like action and gory scenes these days!

The video then moves on to show Sanjay telling us about he is now forced to say to his mum, “No Anime for you, until I watch the episodes.”

They both tell us how their parents react to the Anime lover in each of them.

In the second video, Srividya and Sanjay both tell us how Japanese Anime has brought out the artist in them, whether it’s drawing, animation, writing or music.

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