Vu Store – the Luxury Gadget Store in Mumbai

Vu products collage

iPods to plasma screens to sleek mobile phones, India has lately experienced the flurry of it all. As the gadget craze is soon gripping the nation, we thought about giving our readers a bigger and better dose of it once again. A few days back, visited the Vu technologies Store located in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. The swanky store is located in the equally posh locality of Nariman Point at the CR2 Mall in the city. The store surely can be touted as a gadgeteer’s paradise.

Vu Technologies is primarily a Californian-based company and has the distinction of being the world’s first company for ‘Luxury in Technology’. Vu (pronounced as ‘view’) is a luxury technology brand which researches, develops and manufactures high-end computers, LCD and digital homes. And the Nariman Point store is the company’s flagship store in the city. The store here carries Vu systems and displays and has the world’s very first ‘Gadget Bar’ that sells the latest in luxury technology with a unique retail experience. Vu has been brought to India by Zenith Computers.

What truly makes this store special is that it doesn’t display the normal run-on-the-mill kind of gizmos. Most of the products displayed are exclusive gadget collector’s items. We were welcomed there by Homyar Majjoo, the store manager of Vu. He was extremely helpful enough to show us and even demonstrate a few products on the shelf.

Amongst the variety of products and gizmos there were a few that really caught our attention. Below are the products that any gadget aficionado must own, if he has the moolah of course.

Vu See – Digital Photo Frame First and foremost was the Vu See – Digital Photo Frame. All you need to do is insert your digital camera memory card – Compact Flash (CF), Micro Drive (MD), Secured Digital (SD), Multi Media Card (MMC), Memory Stick (MS). After which get ready to watch a slideshow of your favorite photos on the 8-inch or 5.6-inch sharp Digital Panel (640x 480 pixel). You can rotate, zoom, slideshow, set slide duration (support display maximum 16M pixels photos).

The Vu See – Digital Photo Frame could be yours for Rs. 14,500/-. The price may perhaps send you back to your conventional photo album book though.

5.1 Vu Wall Surround Sound System Coming to the next product, our eyes got glued on the 5.1 Vu Wall Surround Sound System with 45 watts RMS output. It sports a sleek look. Its satellites are magnetically shielded and the innovative wall mounted feature for the rear speaker enhances the surround experience.

2.1 Vu Sound Bluetooth Product If you reside in a not so grande mansion but yet love to have the theatre like experience, then the 2.1 Vu Sound Bluetooth product is ideal for you. Designed to render a theatre-like experience in small spaces with its 20 Watts stereophonic sound quality, the ultra lightweight Bluetooth wireless wonder can connect easily to a range of devices like mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, laptops, walkmans and several others.

Another extremely interesting gadget at the Vu Store was My Vu. Video iPods are surely the boon of the day. However it could get quite unnerving to see a film as grand as ‘300’ and its likes on such a small screen. My Vu Personal Media Player Keeping that in mind, the My Vu, basically a portable big-screen comes to your rescue. All you need to do is simply connect the My Vu personal media player to your Apple Video iPod and watch your favorite videos, movies etc on the virtual large screen of My Vu. Mind you, though the difference in the size between the video iPod screen and the My Vu screen is massive, all the same do not expect it to be as large as a theatre screen.

You’ve got to shell out Rs. 16,000/- if you want to have the large screen experience with your Apple Video iPod.

The Vu Boss PC If you are tired of those bulky CPUs then here’s something for you. One of the latest products in the Vu store was the ‘Boss PC.’ As the name itself suggests, this PC is especially designed for those up in the hierarchy of a company’s ladder. Ideal for CEOs and Managing Directors, it comes absolutely without the wiring frills whatsoever. The CPU is mounted at the back of the 22-inch monitor screen. It is Core 2 Duo PC, with 80GB hard disk and 512mb RAM, four USB ports. It comes with the RF keyboard. Priced at about Rs. 65,000/-, it comes with an operating system of your choice, either Vista Home Premium, Vista Business or XP Professional

Apart from the above mentioned products, the Vu store also has Vu See Apple, which are apple-shaped monitors, the Zenith Presidio laptop, chic-looking black CPUs, Boom Box – a player that plays music from your pen-drive and mobile phone at a loud blazing sound.

Vu Digital Home

But we have left the best for the last for our readers. Though most of the products at the Vu Store left us drooling, one product, which truly renders the ultimate experience, is the Vu Digital Home.

In the Vu Digital Home, you can see your computer on a large screen (trust us, this large is truly LARGE) and allows you to control the system with a radio-frequency keyboard and mouse. You can relax on your sofa, (just the way we did at the store) and use the Vu Digital Home for several reasons. It is not only a computing center, but also a complete entertainment center and a complete communication center as well.

Basically, the Vu Digital Home is:

  • A high-end computer
  • A TV with digital audio and video output
  • An entertainment center
  • Videoconferencing device
  • Security system for your home
  • We said that the Vu Digital Home is a complete entertainment center too, because it incorporates a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound that decodes music in a digital format to make certain lossless music. At the entertainment level it can be used for:

  • Downloading music and movies from iTunes and the internet
  • Plugging the iPod and Digicam for sound and pictures
  • Using the Vu Digital Home as a karaoke system
  • Pause, play and record live TV from cable or DTH
  • Enjoy applications like Google Earth with theatre effect
  • From the ‘complete communication center’ view, it fits to be one since owners can indulge in:

  • Videoconferencing with family in India or oversees
  • Using the camera as a security system in the house
  • Making clips and sending them to family and friends
  • Using VOIP and other internet telephony
  • Using the LCD for making presentations
  • There are four basic sizes that the LCDs for the Vu Digital Home:

  • 47-inch LCD screen – Rs 1,95,000/-
  • 42-inch LCD screen – Rs 1,45,000/-
  • 37-inch LCD screen – Rs 95,000/-
  • 32-inch LCD screen – Rs 65,000/-
  • The entire set up of the Vu Digital Home, which includes a 47-inch LCD screen, a Piston Computer, RF keyboard, 5.1 Wall speakers and 5.1 Tall speakers, is priced at Rs. 2,82,500/-.

    And with this came the end to our Vu voyage. Well it indeed was an exciting one. Though the prices of the products and gadgets at the store are on the steeper end, each of the products here are kind of exclusive and would surely not be displayed in the normal gadget shops. At Vu we indeed did ‘view’ what the future of gadgeteering in India could probably be.

    But somewhere the trip to Vu yet didn’t end. Cause when we got back to the headquarters of, the guys here could barely keep their eyes off the Vu Digital Frame (thanks to the pictures and videos we captured) and practically went on a strike insisting to have one for the office. And voila, the Digital Frame is very much here now (due to public demand), having some extraordinary cartoon pictures in them. Any guesses, which ones? None other than the crew here of course.