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6 Features we want the iPhone 7 to have

Awesome features we wish the iPhone 7 will have

iPhone 7 Features
Today, we’ve put together a list containing all the awesome features we wish to see on the upcoming iPhone 7. This much awaited smartphone from Apple is expected to surprise us all with its new design and attributes, but what will be even more great is if the company listens to what fans have been demanding since a long time.

Traditionally, a new iPhone is launched during the month of September of every year. While 2016 will probably see the same happening again, we’re in for quite a treat this March as well it seems. An iPhone 5se will supposedly arrive during that time, sporting a back-to-the-old-days 4-inch display and other advanced traits.

But most of the innovation Apple has in its kitty will be directed towards the iPhone 7 of course. It’s hence that there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the device. We’ll only be able to find out how it looks and what it does when the company wants us to.

In the meantime though, it won’t hurt to make speculations about the features which we’d really like to see on the upcoming device. Without wasting any more time then, let us jump straight into the list.

Wireless charging

Wireless Charging
It’s high time wireless charging made its way to the iPhone. This trait has been part of Android phones for far too long, and Apple will indeed need to put a competitive foot forward this time around. If it indeed manages to equip its device with wireless charging support, it would also mean introducing a wireless charger of its own, thus translating into added revenue.

But since it’s Apple after all, expect this accessory to come at a price point larger than what other similar products are sold at. Third-party accessories indeed exist right now, which grant the iPhone wireless charging capabilities, but they all need some sort of physical alterations to be made to the handset unfortunately.


When you pay more than $650 for an iPhone, it will definitely break your heart into a million pieces to see it being spoiled due to accidental water spills. It’s hence that waterproofing, or some kind of resistance to liquids at least is one of the main features we’d really like to see on the upcoming device.

Rumor has it that Apple too is looking into granting water resistance to the iPhone 7, but there’s still no confirmed evidence on the matter. If one is an Apple fan, it really hurts to see that even affordable phones like the Moto G (Gen 3) can survive being dunked in water for as long as 30 minutes.

More memory in the base model

Memory 32GB
It’s disappointing enough that after all these years, Apple still doesn’t offer microSD card slots on the iPhone 7. And what’s all the more hurting to see is that paying the high price of $650 for the base model, only gets you 16GB worth of storage.

The fact that the next model jumps directly to 64GB tells us that there’s enough space to abandon the 16GB version in favor of a 32GB one. This approach should have been taken by Apple with the iPhone 6S itself, but we’re not sure why the company didn’t do that. With photographs getting heavier and 4K videos now possible, a 32GB base model is a must for the iPhone 7.

Improved battery life

Battery Life
If you observe the last few iPhone launches, there seems to be a serious focus on reducing the thickness with each new iteration. This particularly hurts the prospects of improving their battery life a great deal, due to the fact that there’s little room for a larger power pack.

In fact the iPhone 6S had a smaller battery than the iPhone 6 model. This had got fans worried, as rumors have pointed that the iPhone 7 will aim to be thinner than its predecessors. A long battery life is something that’s on top of the wishlist of most smartphone buyers these days, and if Apple isn’t able to provide that with its next offering, it’s going to hurt the fans hard.

Open NFC support

Although NFC support is present on the current iPhones, it cannot be accessed by anything other than Apple Pay. This means, Apple has not yet made it available for developers. If it does get around to doing that with the iPhone 7’s NFC module, a lot of new and interesting things will be made possible.

You would be able to transfer content to other devices with just one tap, while you will also be able to pair stuff like headphones and cameras for exploiting their wireless capabilities. If the iPhone 7 gets around to embrace this feature it will make way for a ton of additional functionality without much effort.

Improved camera

The iPhone 6S offers a pretty great camera experience with its 12MP sensor, but there’s still room for improvement. It does not excel in low-light photography, while optical image stabilization is only offered by the larger Plus model. And then there’s the camera bump on the back which has bothered many who wish for a clean design.

What we know for sure is that the iPhone 7 is indeed going to introduce something new in the camera department. Rumors have said that a dual camera setup can be expected to form part of its offerings, while reports of Apple having purchased Israeli company LinX have suggested that better low-light performance is on the cards as well.


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