6 Features we want the iPhone 7 to have

1Awesome features we wish the iPhone 7 will have

iPhone 7 Features

Today, we’ve put together a list containing all the awesome features we wish to see on the upcoming iPhone 7. This much awaited smartphone from Apple is expected to surprise us all with its new design and attributes, but what will be even more great is if the company listens to what fans have been demanding since a long time.

Traditionally, a new iPhone is launched during the month of September of every year. While 2016 will probably see the same happening again, we’re in for quite a treat this March as well it seems. An iPhone 5se will supposedly arrive during that time, sporting a back-to-the-old-days 4-inch display and other advanced traits.

But most of the innovation Apple has in its kitty will be directed towards the iPhone 7 of course. It’s hence that there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the device. We’ll only be able to find out how it looks and what it does when the company wants us to.

In the meantime though, it won’t hurt to make speculations about the features which we’d really like to see on the upcoming device. Without wasting any more time then, let us jump straight into the list.

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