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Features and functions of GPS vehicle tracking system

What is a GPS tracking software?

GPS tracking is available for everyone, it is often used in phones, navigation or military. This service helps monitor and control the movement of vehicles, so that is often used in transportation. A GPS-monitoring transport system is used for organization and control schemes of logistic routes, track mileage, actual transportation and fuel costs.

 Monitoring system

There are many companies that provide services in this area. Some of them offer to pay a subscription fee for the use of the software and technical support. There are firms that provide GPS tracking services for free and charge a payment only for the devices (trackers) that are always required for monitoring. We advise you to visit website uboro, where you can learn about its GPS tracking soft, which can help you to optimize your spending and improve your business. Keep in mind that high cost does not always guarantee high quality.


How does it work?

To transfer data to the equipment, there is a controller or the tracker that is installed on the car or attached to any other object. The sensor transmits the data recorded by the monitoring program on the computer, so in the future you can fully track the entire route of the car. Some GPS systems help even monitor fuel consumption and other parameters.

For owners of fleet it is an indispensable tool which, through the tracker on the vehicle, helps to cut costs and avoid fraud on the part of drivers and to obtain online data on the location of cargo/goods. Transport monitoring system allows on the basis of the obtained data through the app to generate a detailed report, which will include the following parameters:

  • maximum/average speed of vehicle;
  • total mileage;
  • number of refills;
  • number of thefts of fuel;
  • travel time.

Monitoring can be done through a special program that gathers statistics, and provides a report to the user. A GPS system itself is very easy to use, the sensors are installed once and then they are rarely changed. Monitoring can be used at any point of the planet where there is Internet access. For convenience, you can integrate the tracking with other external systems.

Fuel control

There are often situations when dishonest people try to profit at the expense of the company. The most popular option is draining the fuel and getting money for it from the cash of the company. This has prompted many fleets to buy the trackers and set them on vehicles. Fuel monitoring is a kind of GPS monitoring that accurately identifies when and where was the car at any given time, one should strictly the route and schedule of movement.

The next complexity was that it was impossible to prove a breach of the driver’s side. Monitoring via the positioning system opens up the opportunity to speak reasonably, with specific facts that will not be so easy to explain, if it’s a lie. A GPS tracking will be useful in case of delays or unexpected situation on the road (breakdown/accident).