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New Facebook’s Riff app will allow friends to complete your videos for you

Facebook’s Creative Labs team is at it again, even as the inventive squad has released yet another app named Riff that has everything to do with creating collaborative videos. Available for Android and iOS right now, this utility seems like a pretty fun way to get your friends involved in creating small Vine-like clips.

Once you’ve downloaded the Riff app, you can start capturing a clip related to a certain topic and post it online. Once your friends view that video, they can create their own clips based on your topic, and their videos then get attached to your original clip. And then they can upload it so that even their friends can see it and contribute to the video.

Facebook Riff

Have a look at the clip we’ve embedded in the space down below to know more on how things work on Riff. The app of course features a feed of all the riffs you friends have created; so that you can easily contribute to them. For those wondering, you cannot upload pre-shot videos like in the case with apps like Instagram.

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Contrary to what almost everything related to Facebook kicks in, liking and commenting is not an option on Riff. However, all the contributors of a particular video will get tagged when it’s posted on Facebook. At the moment, the Facebook app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Polish languages.

Facebook Riff

Those who wish to give Riff a try can now head over to the Google Play store or the Apple App Store to download it for free on their Android or iOS devices, respectively.