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Facebook’s new Trending feature takes a leaf out of Twitter’s book, yet again

Facebook and Twitter have been aping each other’s features for quite some time now, and it’s the former’s turn to go one up this time around. With its new Trending section, the most popular social network in the world will be aiming to present its users with real-time updates on ‘interesting and relevant’ conversations happening on the site.

This works a lot like one of Twitter’s most important features, Trending topics which showcases a word, phrase or topic that is being tweeted at a greater rate than normal. On Facebook, to the right of your News Feeds, a list of topics will let you know about stuff that has spiked in popularity recently.

Facebook Trending

It scores over Twitter in two ways. For one, the trends are accompanied by a brief line which explains why the topic is trending. This we think will be a welcome addition to Twitter as well. An example of this can be seen in the image we’ve posted in the space above.

Secondly, Facebook will be tailoring some of these trends based on what you’re interested in. And then similar to Twitter, once you click on a particular headline the site will display the most interesting posts from your friends or Pages which are writing about that particular topic.

Facebook had started testing this feature back in August last year through its mobile apps, and it is now that the SNS has decided to introduce it entirely. It’s rolling out in select countries at the moment.