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Facebook’s memories feature won’t remind you of your exes now

Not too long ago, Facebook introduced a cool new feature called ‘On This Day’ which shows you memories of your past years based on stuff that was posted on the social networking site. However, not all of the memories people encounter are happy ones.

Some may show you pictures about that horrible haircut during your college years, while some may even contain images of you having fun with your crazy ex. Point being, you don’t want to be reminded of some things in your life, and Facebook has recognized that.

The On This Day feature now has a filter system through which you can select the people you wish to exclude from your memories and even choose the exact period of time from which you wish to black out your memories. This trait can be accessed from the Preferences tab that’s present in the top-right corner of your On This Day feed.


This particular section on Facebook was launched by the company in March this year. According to The Verge, during that time too, the company was well aware of the fact that some unwanted memories might surface for several users. It had hence put in some backend filters that omitted memories of people previously listed as romantic partners.

But surely, that wasn’t enough, and Facebook has finally thrown the control into the hands of its users. It’s pretty simple to take control of these On This Day filters, which will result in a lot of people taking advantage of them over time.

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If you have On This Day enabled on your Facebook account, head over to its Preferences tab and have a look at the newly added filters there.