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Facebook’s controversial Internet.org gets rebranded as Free Basics

Facebook has received loads of negative publicity for its Internet.org program which flouts net neutrality guidelines, and it’s perhaps this reason that has led the company to change the name of this initiative to Free Basics. Along with this, several other changes have also been introduced by the social networking giant.

Free Basics is the new name for the app as well as the mobile website of the service. Facebook has revealed through an official statement that this change is being made in order to better distinguish Internet.org from the programs and services that are being provided via Free Basics.

Basically, Internet.org has a much larger overall scope, with Free Basics being just a single branch of it. Anyone who has the app installed on their Android devices will see that it has received a new name now, while the mobile web version will start redirecting to the new URL from the previous one soon.

Free Basics

Internet.org happens to be an initiative by Facebook to bring Internet connectivity to remote areas from developing countries. What’s wrong with it is that it provides access to only particular websites that have tied up with the social network, thus violating the basic principles of net neutrality.

It has been criticized a great deal in India over the past few months. However, Facebook hasn’t let up. It is this pushing this program into its intended markets with full force. And now with the change of name, the firm might gain some advantage in selling it to those who aren’t aware that it’s nothing other than more of the same.

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Free Basics by Facebook is live now for Android and mobile web users. Those who aren’t happy with Internet.org should take note that it’s an offshoot of the same initiative.