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Facebook will assault you with auto-play video ads starting this week

You know those extremely annoying auto-play video ads you see on websites now and again? Facebook is rolling them out starting this week. The company had starting testing it on mobile platforms and just recently, it sneaked onto iOS devices via the last update.

The official word is out – Facebook will begin showing ads for upcoming flick ‘Divergent,’ in people’s News Feeds soon. The videos will be visible for desktop as well as mobile users. We first heard tell about the company’s decision to launch the feature in September this year. Well, it’s here now. But mobile device owners need not worry about expensive data plans at least.

Facebook Auto-play Video Ads

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The clips are downloaded over Wi-Fi only. In case they start playing when you’re not tethered to a Wi-Fi hotspot, this means they were buffered when you previously were connected. These promoted videos will start with with the volume muted by default. Audio will only be turned on when the viewer clicks or taps on it and drags it into full screen mode.

After the ad is played in full, related videos will also appear. Don’t like promos? You’ll just have to zoom past them by continuing to scroll through. Apparently, Facebook has seen over 10% increase in views, likes, shares and comments during the test run. The only thing that may prevent these advertisements from crossing the line into insanely annoying is the fact that sound is off by default.

YouTube video

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Have any of you begun seeing auto-play ads in News Feed on desktop yet? Any thoughts?