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Facebook wants you to ‘Buy’ stuff without leaving the site

In its continued efforts to keep delivering things we never ask for, Facebook has now introduced a fresh ‘Buy’ option for products you see in your news feeds or on certain pages. Once you click on this special button, you can enter your card details and purchase that particular product without having to leave the site at all.

As one would guess, it’s a US-only deal as of now and moreover, it’s limited only to small and medium-sized businesses in the country. If you’re wondering, this feature works both on the desktop as well as the mobile versions of the extremely popular social network.


In a blog post meant for introducing users to this feature, the company has specially emphasized on concerns of privacy. The site tells us that the payment experience on this website is safe and secure and that credit or debit card details won’t be shared with advertisers. Users will also have the option of choosing whether or not to save their payment details for future purchases.

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Facebook today also unveiled a new and exclusive app called Mentions which can only be accessed by famous people. This application mandates its users to be verified by the social network and also to have their own verified pages. They can then download it onto their iOS devices and use it to participate in exclusive conversations, keep up with fans and more.

Coming back to the ‘Buy’ button, this addition is still at its very early stage and you shouldn’t expect it to become a permanent part of Facebook anytime soon.