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Facebook users annoyed with newly launched features

Facebook Logo Recently, Facebook, which has emerged as one of the most frequently used social networking sites, launched new features that enabled users to showcase user activities outside the Web site on to their profiles on Facebook itself.

This meant that the feature is compatible with online services like Fedango, Overstock and other online retailers.

Basically, users are shown a box telling them that their activities on these third party sites are being sent to Facebook. Users are also given an option to disable this action for around 20 seconds.

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However, Facebook users have not taken to this new feature in a good manner. In fact, they have been really annoyed with it.

Facebook users are claiming that this is an invasion of their privacy since it is very hard to opt out of this new service from Facebook.

As of now, Facebook is working with around 40 websites on the Internet for this new feature.

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