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Facebook is finally letting you unsend messages

Facebook Messenger Unsend
Image Credit: TechCrunch

Facebook came under some heavy criticism a few months ago when it was discovered that CEO Mark Zuckerberg had deleted old Messenger chats. Ordinary users didn’t have access to the tool and they didn’t take kindly to being excluded from this exclusive club of Facebook executives who could remove their conversations whenever they wanted.

Naturally, Facebook decided to do a bit of damage control and announced that this unsend tool will be rolling out to all its members. That day has finally arrived, just about 7 months later. Only folks living in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania can check it out right now, but everyone else should receive it sooner or later.

How To Remove A Facebook Message

The way it works is simple – you hold down a message in Facebook Messenger and a pop-up will appear asking if you want to Copy/Remove/Forward/Translate. Select Remove and it’ll ask you to choose between “Remove for Everyone” and “Remove for You.”

Facebook Messenger Unsend
Image Credit: TechCrunch

Tap on the former and Messenger will warn you that this action permanently removes this message for all chat members. It won’t be a clean removal though, since they’ll be able to see that you deleted a text. They can even report it by tapping on your name and selecting “Something’s Wrong.”

You’ll have 10 minutes to delete a text after sending it. After that, you can only delete the missive from your own view. There is a slight catch here though. Facebook told TechCrunch that it’ll hold on to these retracted messages for some time, just in case someone reports it. The company didn’t mention how long it would do this.

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Facebook is also testing a countdown-style system which gets rid of a message or thread of messages after a fixed period of time. Secret Conversations already does something similar, but not everyone is aware of the option.