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Facebook Trending Topics being tested on mobile

Now where have we heard the words Trending Topics before? Facebook is unabashedly going the Twitter way yet again with a new feature which highlights topics that are making a noise on the SNS. Don’t fret if you can’t see it yet, only a few users in the US have been given a glimpse of it through the mobile version of Facebook. This comes on the heels of the company offering insights into how News Feed rolls.

Twitter is by far the best way to stay updated on stories that are trending in any part of the globe. And the micro-blogging service also rakes in a significant amount of revenue from promoted trends. Facebook is obviously interested too. So after filching hashtags, embedded posts and verified accounts from Twitter, the company is now getting ready to introduce Trending Topics too. AllThingsD reports that clicking a topic which has been marked Trending will show users posts and comments about the same from friends as well as other people (assuming their share settings are Public).

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On some counts, it’s a move that subtracts from the idea of a virtual network for friends and loved ones only. But Facebook doesn’t seem to have any qualms about the transformation of sorts. It’s baying for more celebrities on the site. Justin Osofsky, the executive who’s in charge of platform partnerships and operations, is said to have added more heads to the team that helps famous personalities navigate the SNS (yes, you have to be a genius to figure out privacy settings). Just how anxious is Facebook to bring aboard well-known faces? The company sent along a photographer to take behind the scenes pictures of a consenting celebrity at a sporting affair once and is mulling over repeats.

What do you think? Does a social network that feels like a Twitter-Facebook medley work out for you?